Southern Oregon is a beautiful place to live. There are trees everywhere and beautiful weather to enjoy. There are many sites to see and activities to partake. But, unless you are just here on vacation, you need to pay attention to the condition of the outside of your home. And one of the biggest things to keep an eye on is your gutters. Gutters are an excellent place for leaves, pine needles, and other debris. You need to make sure they are in good repair and functioning properly.

Gutter CleaningIf your gutters are clogged, you need to get a gutter cleaning. If your gutters are damaged, you need to get them fixed. It is more than just a cosmetic or aesthetic need, it is a functional need. If you do not get your gutters in good condition, you can cost yourself more money in the long run.

Imagine this, it is raining for days and your gutters are clogged or damaged. When the water runs off your roof, where is it going to go? If the gutters are clogged, the water can only travel so far. After that, the water has to find a different place to go. So, it will spill over the sides of the gutter, potentially damaging the bushes or flowers below. From there, it can leak into the foundation of your house or find its way into your basement or ground level floor. Another place it can go is into your house through old or damaged windows. This can cause damage to your walls and ceilings.

Damaged gutters cause the same problems. But they can also cause damage to your roof. Because if the gutter is pulled off the roof, it can create rotted wood due to the exposure from the weather. Again, why the importance of gutter cleaning is to prevent damaged gutters can lead to more repairs that could have been avoided.

It is important to get your gutters checked out by professionals. There are times when existing gutters are not installed properly and cause water to pool in them. This can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A professional can tell you if the gutters have enough of a pitch to make sure the water flows properly through them. They can also make sure all the downspouts are positioned optimally.

Our company can help you with all your needs. We serve all of southern Oregon and can provide seamless gutter installation, repair existing gutters, and provide a gutter cleaning. We can help you make sure that your home is protected, and the gutters are operating the way they should. Visit us at We have the technology to give you what you need and the customer service to make your job and home our priority.