Why Fall Gutter Maintenance Is Key

Autumn is the time to think about your gutters, as once the leaves start to fall, the threat becomes imminent! Gutters full of dead leaves can’t drain properly. Leaky gutters don’t carry water away from the structure and can lead to damage later on.

After the trees have dumped their annual load upon your rooftop, there is only one way for it to go: down.

Leaves that don’t find their way to the ground cluster together in your gutters, insipidly waiting for water to collect. Because they block the water’s passage to downspouts, it remains in the gutter where it can freeze, pushing moisture up under the roofing material, where it continues to freeze and expand. This, in turn, causes ice dams which can destroy your roof over time.

Simply removing the leaves and debris will keep the runoff running off and prevent damage from occurring.

How To Perform Fall Gutter Maintenance

  • Plan for safety: Choose a day when bad weather conditions are not expected. Select a sturdy ladder that allows you to reach your gutters comfortably. Work may be performed from the roof surface itself, but poses a greater danger of falling and is not recommended.Fall Gutter Maintenance Wear heavy gloves and eye protection when cleaning out the debris.
  • Be prepared for the job: Gardener’s hand tools, such as a rake or trowel, often work best for scooping out gutters. The overburden may be dropped to the ground below, onto a drop cloth, or you may prefer to dump it into buckets for easier cleanup. A garden hose should be utilized to rinse out remaining debris after the initial cleanout is complete. Make sure all tools necessary for the job are on site before you get started.
  • Move with a purpose: Start at the highest point of the gutter that is farthest from a downspout. Working toward the downspout, scoop and scrape the leaves and gunk out of the gutters. When the gutter is cleared, use the garden hose to spray out any remaining detritus and ensure proper drainage. Repeat this process until all the gutters are clean and clear.

When To Call In Reinforcements

If you have any issues that prevent you from safely setting or climbing a ladder, if there are problems working from the height of your roof, if your gutters are installed at excessive heights, or if there are any other reasons you would prefer not to handle doing the job yourself, professionals are available to take care of all your Fall gutter maintenance needs, in a snap, with a smile.

If you find or suspect that your gutters are in need of repair, it is important to get the work done before winter snows and ensuing damages begin. And if all of this is a little daunting, contact us today, and we would be glad to give you a quote and make having clean gutters a breeze.