How New Gutters Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

While most homeowners look toward large renovation projects if they’re thinking about increasing the sale value of their homes, smaller projects can also have a significant impact. And because these improvements may have a lower price tag, their return on investment can actually be larger than renovations that cost more but don’t lead to proportionate increases in sales. Installing new gutters to your home is one such project.

How Gutters Can Increase the Value Of Your Home

The first way that installing new gutters can increase the sale value of your home is by simply improving curb appeal. If you’ve had the same gutters for a New Gutterswhile, they may be rusty or have peeling paint. Gutters can become bent or hang loosely from their brackets. Unfortunately, you may have inherited this problem if you purchased your home, and the previous owners had not taken care of your gutters. Sometimes, homes do not have gutters for some unknown reason, and installing them for the first time should be high in your list of priorities unless you live in a location where you never receive precipitation.

Secondly, replacing your old gutters ensures there are no clogs, and that water is directed away from your home. This helps to prevent things such as basement flooding or ice dams in your roof, which can be costly to repair and can lead to rot and mold if left unchecked. Gutters that do not adequately disperse water can cause your foundation to wash away, which can be disastrous to your home and yard.

Potential buyers may be wary of gutters and downspouts that aren’t functional and may cause damage to the home and yard. Although you can maintain existing gutters to prevent debris from clogging them up, this isn’t an issue with brand-new gutters that haven’t had a chance to collect debris such as leaves or become damaged. On top of this, mortgage lenders may be reluctant to lend to buyers if a home’s gutters are in disrepair.

In many instances, replacing your home’s gutters ensures you get the price that you want for your home without needing to compromise. Furthermore, it means buyers can secure the loan to buy your house, potentially reducing how much time your house is on the market. Buyers may not even realize that good gutters appeal to them when comparing potential homes. As a seller, you’re competing with other houses, and replacing gutters is just one way to stand out.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home soon, replacing gutters can prevent expensive repairs due to water damage. If you find that you’re unable to make those repairs, the value of your home will decrease. Like most issues, replacing gutters before disaster strikes are the more cost-effective option.

If you’re unsure whether your gutters need replacing or repairing or are new to gutter maintenance, we’re glad to help. Call us today for more information.